Jawapan dah ada.

Fasa melagu dah lama bersawang

Kau tahu kenapa.

Fasa melirik dah lama terbuang

Kau tahu kenapa. 
Imaginasi tinggi datang bergolek

Kau masih kabur.

Imaginasi membikin tembok tiang

Kau cuba cebur.

Kenapa tak pernah tahu tentang yang satu.

Kenapa tak pernah soal kalau nak tahu.

Soal nak dekat datang berpuluh batu.

Orang tak nampak tapi hati tahu.
Kau tahu kenapa? 

Sebab dalam kau ada jawapan dia.


Art Beat

I think I think about my thoughts too much
It’s something that my head has always done
Afraid to face these things, that may never come
While I’m working out a way to chase the sun

I need to breathe, sometimes to settle down
Everything I see, becomes a sound
The right side of my brain, it always wins
And I’m searching for a sound I see within

And I have felt this art
Beat within my chest
Since the day that I was born
Now I’m ready

Creation, is where it all begins
With a seed that can grow into just about anything
Learning, inspired, by those who’ve walked before
The core of a mind that is always seeking more

And I have felt this heart
Deep within my chest
Since the day that I was born
Now I’m ready


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From BJERKatun to ASKeland

He could have followed a path through the trees. Perhaps he stood behind a tree and kept an eye of me. Let’s hope he didn’t sacrifice anything to carry out his plan. 

He’d been raised fair, trustworthy and demanding. Yet he had maintained boyish, playfulness which drew people to him. None of that he knew of.

This is pure lovely. I’m almost speechless.

I hope to get away with three or four sentences, bow politely and return. It’s ok to be a little stingy with my words today. 

What would you say, just between you and me?


You are shy, creative, bitter, introverted, awkward and hateful. You are intelligent, intuitive, and emotionally immature.

You asked me to paint a picture using every detail, 

so I  used my imagination.


The beautiful Love Poem

Never seek to tell your love,
Love that never told can be;
For the gentle wind does move
Silently, invisibly.

I told my love, I told my love,
I told him all my heart;
Trembling, cold, in ghastly fears,
Ah! he did depart!

Soon as he was gone from me,
A traveler came by,
Silently, invisibly
She took him with a sigh.




William Blake.



Mention Infiniti…

If some phenomena starts and never stops the phenomea lasts forever,

that is an infinit long time., this kind of infinity has a start.

If some phenomena “IS” and always “WAS” and always “WILL BE”,

then it is also forever, that is an infinit long time again,

but this infinity has no start.

But then if you ask me,

the answer to your question is

YES and NO.

Tears of Joy

You’ve made my life ridiculous,
you’ve made my life incredible…
all this time, i can never believe that u
are the one for me.

But let the tears of joy…tells

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Engkau pencipta jarak

Aku penahan sebak


Aku perosak

Aku hidup menipu diri


Engkau malaikat topeng

Engkau penunggu benteng


Agar engkau bisa saja menahan helah

Kerana aku mudah saja

menunggu belah


Seven days I walked;
In the course of the road;
As I moved every paced;
I felt the twinge.

Inside out;
I left alone in the dark;
Between me, the grass, and the wind.

Another night has come into my entire wounded soul,
Into the unlimited heart;
Of the poet of the bold.

What a night of daring?
What a sense of loving?
What am I…cause you to go
Not to say I need to know

Without skies without lakes,
Without you I’ll be fake;
I never get through the night
I’ll be lost in the moonlight.

Am I right am I wrong?
Believe me I was strong;
When I’m there will you stare?
Cause with you I need to share…

*back when we were young, damn ‘jakun’ with strings & chords.this was made.
thanks to mye,wani with the voices.

Setidaknya #2

Satu malam aku sendiri,

Duduk seorang di bangku besi,

Tertanya-tanya pada diri,

Bagaimana rasanya hidup

Tidak  berdikari?

Aku bukan bersedih,

Aku tak mahu disisih,

Kadang kala hanya perlu waktu

Untuk merintih.

Tapi….sedang aku bersendirian,

Fikiran terus mengatakan

Jangan terlalu kesepian.

Ada masanya aku perlu merasa bosan,

Ada masa aku perlu berseorangan,

Bukan beerti aku angkuh,

Bukan berlagak sombong bodoh,

Hanya kerana menginginkan ruang,

Supaya minda menjadi lebih matang.

-That’s all.

situasi menang-menang

Aku ni anak pertama yang kena belajar

benda sendiri-sendiri, nak cuba sesuatu

tak tahu.


Aku ni anak pertama yang nak buat sesuatu

benda baru kena nasihat diri sendiri.


Aku ni anak pertama yang takut-takut

tapi tak nak orang nampak macam

penakut, tak nak orang nampak

macam bodoh.


Aku ni anak pertama yang tak nampak masa depan

aku. Semua macam samar-samar. Tak ada siapa

pun yang aku boleh bikin contoh.


Aku ni anak pertama hasil perkongsian hidup

mama papa 23 tahun dulu, yang diorang berjaya

corak hidup aku macam apa yang aku buat skarang.

kelas sana sini bertahun-tahun bersengkang

mata buat apa yang aku kena buat walaupun aku tak suka.


Aku ni anak pertama yang semuanya pertama dalam hidup aku.


Adik aku untung sebab dapat buat lebih baik dari orang sebelum dia buat.

Adik aku untung sebab kan umur dia muda dia lagi tau banyak benda.

Adik aku sebenarnya lagi bijak dari aku.

Adik aku untung sebab dia…..


Ada Aku?




It is not easy to be the 1st among the 1st.

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